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FREQUENTLY Asked Questions

New asphalt should not be sealed until it has cured for 6-12 months. A good way to test if your driveway is ready to be sealed is the bead test. After 6 months use the water bead test to determine if your driveway is ready to be sealed: spray water across your driveway; if it forms beads, it is not fully cured and not ready to be sealed yet, so you’ll have to wait a bit longer.

The Sealcoating season typically runs from May through October (depending on weather). Some assume that the fall is the best time for sealing. This is a myth. Anytime during the season is fine.

Usually not. Cracks are filled more so than repaired. If a repaired / filled crack continues to grow or flex, the repair or filler will open. Changes in Temperature will cause the asphalt to expand and condense; this will cause your cracks to open back up. CRACK REPAIRS DO NOT ELIMINATE THE CAUSE OF THE DEFECT, BUT RATHER SLOW DOWN THE DETERIORATION PROCESS.

To maximize the protective qualities of the sealer, we suggest sealing every two (2) years. If your residential asphalt has never been sealed, we highly suggest sealing two years in a row with one coat or 2 coats the first year and then follow an every other year with a 1 coat maintenance plan.

Generally, sealer will dry enough to stand up to rain within just a couple of hours. If the sealer should get washed out by rain, we will return and re-apply the sealer at no cost.

No. Sealer is a surface coating not a structural or filler material. To repair this you would need to saw cut out the low area rebuild the foundation and apply new asphalt. A small repair job like this can be near the cost of replacing your entire drive, depending on size.

Drying times can vary quite widely based on a few factors (in decreasing order of importance).
1. Air temperature
2. Direct sunlight
3. Asphalt temperature
4. Wind
The sealer is a water-based product and, just like paint, will dry when all the water evaporates out. Sealer applied in direct sunlight on a 90-degree day can dry almost instantly. Sealer applied in the shade when temperatures are less than 60 degrees can take 48 hours or more to dry. Under most circumstances, if applied in the morning, sealer will take 24 hours to dry.

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